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    Hi @jpeyron; Thanks for your message. I tried different designs and I think the issue is the SUME board. One of the designs I troed is NetFPGA SUME fmc_gtwizard. I shared this with NetFPGA SUME fourm via e-mail , but I didn't receive any answer to solve the issue. One of the NetFPGA SUME team member suggested me to open a support case with Digilent and request RMA. Best regards; Arash
  2. Arash


    Hi; Thanks for your message. The card operates at 1.8 V and I tried this card with different FPGA boards. The card works fine with other FPGA boards, but not the SUME. I use the card clock. I measured the card clock frequency with an oscilloscope and it works fine at the expected frequency. Please let me know the result of your test in the field. Best regards; Arash
  3. Arash


    Hi @jpeyron I used different designs to test. One of the designs is the original nf_sume_fmc_gtwizard_example. This design is available in acceptance test of the NetFPGA SUME projects. In this test I used exactly the nf_sume_fmc_gtwizard_example. Yes,I mentioned I have more than one boards. I checked the design with several NetFPGA SUME boards in case. The results are the same. I don't think the problem is the FMC card or NetFPGA SUME FMC. I need to find the problem. Best regards; Arash
  4. Arash


    Hi @jpeyron I use Xilinx GTH IPcore , export the Xiinx example design , and modify the constraints for example design. Then I implement the design. I only use 1 netFPGA SUME and using loopback test. Best regards; Arash
  5. Arash


    Hi @jpeyron Thanks for your message; I'm registered with the NetFPGA forum. I sent an e-mail to NetFPGA SUME email list last month. I'm afraid I did not receive any proper reply to solve the issue. One of the NetFPGA team member advised me to open a support case with Digilent and request RMA. Best regards; Arash @jpeyron
  6. Arash


    Hi; I'm trying to connect High Tech Global "4-Port SATA / 4-Port SFP+ FMC Module (Vita57.1) " to NetFPGA SUME to use 4 X SFP+ via FMC. I connected this FMC module to different FPGA boards and it works fine, but it doesn't work with NetFPGA SUME. I used different implementations such as: I used NetFPGA SUME nic_reference design and changed the constraints based on the fmc_gtwizard constraints file to connect to the FMC module. The modified nic-efrence design is failed to pass the tests and it doesn't receive any packet for all 4 ports. I tried the NetFPGA SUME fmc_gtwizard design . The track_data_out_i signal in ILA for the lines is constantly '0' which indicates that valid data isn't received on the RX side. I tried different options such as lower frequency rate and it doesn't work. Do you have any recorded experience like mine? Could you please advise me what is the issue might be? Best regards; Arash