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  1. Hi, Adding to it. I had this "ghost" marks in the video while zooming in and out. This case is jut visual, but I was being tricked in longer record because I thought there were data where shouldn't. Then, I saved the acquisition and when I opened it there was no ghost marks. Please, if this kind of feedback is not useful or if I'm posting in the wrong place, just let know so I can improve. ps.: Thanks for the led brightness control implementation for DD ( I remember quoting about the high brightness on my Roadtest ) 20200421_113224.mp4 ghost.dwf3logicacq
  2. Hi Guys, I wanted to check a signal and then when trying to zoom with the mouse wheel I have the behavior showed in the video. Looks like at a specific Zooming the rescale of the screen goes a bit crazy. Thanks in advance The version I'm using is here: 20200420_165752.mp4
  3. Hello, I think I need a bit of help. Then, here goes my case What do I need to accomplish? Read the TSL2561 sensor; ( Here is the help I need now ) Convert the values from the sensor using an exponential equation. (please, point me out some reading on doing so) Export the values to a CSV file; (please, point me out some reading on doing so) What is going on? I'm trying to use the instrument protocol in the custom tab, but I'm having a hard time to figure out why I'm having the output attached for that code. I see that if(!Write(adr, 0x80, 0x03))
  4. Hi, I had the same problem and can't get past "error connecting / make sure the agent is running" message. That trick I quote worked, but it's strange because I was normally using my OS and then it stopped working and I had to do this workaround. I'm attaching dxdiag report so you have more in hands if you try to figure out what's going on. By the way, my OS does not connect to Wi-Fi anymore, I can select a network, set its password, but no connection is set... Thanks DxDiag.txt
  5. Hi, I have watched. I think he hadn't spent much time on waveformslive before the video ( I think because he was not much happy about it's not integrated to the Waveforms standalone). One thing, he missed that the pin coloring is available on the page so you don't have to memorize them. But, also, He has raised some important points about WaveFormsLive like the absence of protocol decoding and phase shift diagram. It was also a good review. Dave knows a loooot about electronics.
  6. Hi everyone, I need to write a script to control the UART Protocol so that I can simulate a serial conversation. So far, I've got just this code: var MyString = "@T00."; function Serial_Send(){ print("Automated Serial Writer"); for(;;) { // Loop at 0.1 sec rate wait(0.1); Protocol.UART.Send(MyString,false); } } if(!('Protocol' in this)) { throw("Please open Protocol instrument"); } Serial_Send(); The configuration of my serial is attached Of course, the endless loop didn't allow me to stop the Script or even abort it. But, it
  7. Hi @Kristoff , I saw that logging data feature in WaveForms is in Beta version. Is it working now? Is there any documentation to use it? Thank you, -João Paulo
  8. Hi @Daral3 Did Kristoff's steps work for you? Your feedback is important to all of us users, Thanks -João Paulo
  9. Nice question @DwayneR, Hi, @Kristoff, Have you guys considered using Bluetooth connectivity too for future products? The approach of 'access point' would be appreciated. Thanks -João Paulo
  10. @JColvin Yes, Accurately! Searching a little bit the option save the Logic project does the work. @attila , Thank you!! save the Logic project does the work. I don't why I was insisting that the option should be under export option. My mistake
  11. Hi @attila, That is what I already used but that does not meet what I want. What I mean is to export an entire acquisition in a way that can later be oppened later. For instance, this feature is present in Logic from Seleae. If you have Logic Seleae software please open the file attached. As I opened I can navigate my data. Link: Thanks init_5807M.logicdata
  12. Hi all, I'm trying to save data from an acquisition but I'm not getting it. I mean, I want to document my tests and measurements. So, I wish to save the data in a way that I can later open it in WaveForms and navigate the capture. For now, I have only image but this does not help much. Does anyone know if WaveForms supports it? Thank you, João Paulo
  13. Hi, Glen Check this, if it does not work for you let me know: ( also, instead of a button you can set a trigger for you SPI ... at protocol tab -> SPI ) Remember to hit Single for this purpose. regards, João Paulo N Bino