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  1. I Force programmed it, after resoldering the ft232H. This is what i get in the force programming window: USB FT232H VID/PID: 403 / 6014 Manufacturer: Digilent Description: Digilent USB Device SN: 210321A675AE Bus Powered 500mA OEMID: 356A92C7 PDID: 40300360 Product: Analog Discovery 2 Name: Discovery2 Its weird since it partially worked before changing the faulty FT232H.
  2. I have soldered a new FTDI chip on the board and programmed it using WaveForms. Everything worked perfectly up to this point, but I now got the message "Analog Discovery - Device is being used by another appication". I tried it on several PCs and tested with a AD first generation, which worked perfectly. I also checked following threads. Do you have any idea what the problem could be? The 3.3VPLL is now correctly at ~3.28V. Since it worked sporadically before (with the 5V on VPLL) there must be something else wrong with it now. Do you have any suggestions what hardware or voltages to check?
  3. Thanks, but I ment the 3 values (0402) on the the left side below the usb port. (next to the vccd). Are those the same values as on the right side below the usb port but mirrored? --> from left to right -> ferrite , 1uF, 0.1uF ?
  4. Thank you a lot. But the one i destroyed was on the left side in the picture at Vpll. Are those the same value and ferrite as on the right side, mirrored Thank you
  5. Thank's a lot. Your support is great! Due to your post here: i found out, that the LDO in the FT232 is broken and supplies approximatly 5V to VPLL and VPHY. it is weird, that the device is even working from time to time under these circumstances. I will try to replace the ftdi and hope that it was the culprit. After meassuring I also accidentally destroyed the black component next to the VPLL cap. Is this an inductor or what is it? Could you supply me with some more values for the components placed around the FTDI to make sure everything is working properly? I suspect that
  6. Hi, thanks for your response. I have tried many different cables, usb ports and computers. The problem persists. I even changed the usb port on the device, which didnt help. I now tried to use an external power supply. This made the device usable for a short period of time but even then failes again and again stating an error in communication. When using the external supply it draws 300mA which does not seem to change during failing communication and afterwards. The device cant be reconncted until being power cycled. My guess is, that some power supply rail has a somewhat high i
  7. I have the same error using der AD2. It stopped working properly a few weeks ago. Now I cant get it to work. Sometimes it is recognized using a short usb cable, but i cant connect with the error 0x3ec. I tried different usb cables and putting on some ferrites, with no success. Any help would be great. Tools to modify the hardware including usb sockets are available if needed. I tried it on Linux and Windows machines and on different USB Ports. On some ports it isnt even recognized. On both machines it produces the same error message Thank you