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  1. Hi again, an update. My Spartan 6 board has been sold. Last price for the Pynq Z1 board: 70€. I say it again the board is the same as an Arty z20. I post the image again the image above got broken a few hours after the post.
  2. Hi again Special price for users of this forum. My Pynq-Z1 (compat w/ Arty z7 20) for 75€ (cheaper than on ebay, private message me if interrested) Shipping europe for 14€ or to France for 9€. Paypal or Eu transfer (sepa) Thx B.
  3. Hi there I am selling my Zinq-Z1 board ( zynq 7020 ) She is "as new". I put Arty Z7 in the title because these two board are so similar (not the same colour of pcb, and the Pynq has one thing more: a mic) mine is a pynq. My price is 99€ plus shipment , you can find easily on ebay my announce, there are some photos, I also sell on ebay my Spartan 6 board (papilio duo and computing shield) Thx & Regards B.