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  1. hello. there appears to be a bug in the analog discovery 2....hardware or driver. in the original discovery...closing the device would reduce current drain from 400 mA to about 100 mA. however...the same command has no effect on analog discovery 2....current drain stays at ~400 mA. and led stays on...while on original discovery led goes off in the power saving mode. has this useful feature been disabled in discovery 2? the commands we have tried which have no effect on discovery 2 are: FDwfDeviceCloseAll(); and also tried FDwfDeviceClose(hdwf); nothing worked. on discovery 2.
  2. wondering if anyone has found intermittent noise on both input channels to the scope. no clear reason. does not seem to be a hardware issue. any ideas?
  3. I would like to read a serial number of a given Analog Discovery 2, and want to know if this is possible, and if so, can this serial number be changed, or is it part of the hardware?
  4. As is common in medical instrumentation for safety reasons, the usb connection from the laptop (wall powered) must be electrically isolated from the analog discovery 2. doing this at high speed can be very difficult. looking for a solution.
  5. Does anyone know if there is available for USB 2 with the Analog Discovery 2 isolation, that will operate at high speed (480 Mbps)?
  6. Wondering if there are any volume discounts for Analog Discovery 2, say for 10, or 100?