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  1. Hi jpeyron, Thank you so much to reply. I attached the screen shot. It contain that UART console(COM5-connected with zybo micro usb port(J11)-), TCP/IP connection error and network setting. Would you check this? Thanks, TM-san
  2. Hi Sergiu, Thank you so much for reply. The test condition: tool-> vivado and sdk in 2016.2(on Windows7) terminal SW -> Tera term I'm sorry about my short description. The problem details are below: 1. According to the tutorial, the project is running on sdk.(the project runs on stand alone OS-whithout OS) 2. The console in Tera term shows error("Connection refusal") Thanks, TM-san
  3. Hi, I'm trying the tutorial(, but it doesn't work. I create a project in Vivado 2016.2 and SDK 2016.2. So, may I have the sample project in vivado and sdk 2016.2? Thanks, TM-san