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  1. how do you transfer a bin file to spi flash for a nexys4 ddr with ISE impact?
  2. echristian

    newbie questions

    i tried using the license that works in ISE web pack in vivado but it did not work. actually jam able to create a bit and bin file under ISE, I just don't know how to transfer it to flash with(impact?)?
  3. echristian

    newbie questions

    I bought a basys3 and a nexys4 ddr 1.) I tried to use web pack vivado, but when i simulate or build bitstream files(.bin or .bit) i get error no license. so i downloaded xilinx ise. 2.) with ise i can produce bit and bin files, but how do you get them to the device. I guess i could put them on a micro sd card and use the jumper.....but that does not transfer them to the non-volatile flash right? How can i transfer them to non-volatile flash? Thanks in advance Eddie