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  1. I loaded up tdm2 that you provided above, ran it on my hardware, and captured some data with my oscilloscope. Interestingly, with the Parameter1 setting of 6.25MHz provided in tdm2 SCK (DIO25) outputs at 3.125MHz as shown in the first screen shot. If I increase the bus frequency of Parameter1 to 12.5MHz then SCK outputs at 6.25MHz, however, if I leave the sample size in the bus settings at 128, Select (DIO24) outputs at 96kHz. In screen shot below Parameter1 is set to 12.5MHz and I have edited the bus increasing the sample size to 256. I now get Select outputting at 48kHz but SC
  2. I am trying to interface a MEMS microphone ICS-52000 with the Digital Discovery board. The microphone outputs data using Time Domain Multiplexed (TDM) signaling. TDM is somewhat similar to I2S but without the left and right channel. The Digital Discovery board has I2S listed under Logic. I want to make a Protocol for TDM. Is it possible to use the Digital Discovery board to develop a protocol that will generate a clock signal (output) along with a word select (output) synchronous to the clock signal and then read data (input) from a connected microphone? Data would be streamed to a file.