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  1. mosambers

    Zedboard Sampling negative signal and ADC Specs

    Thank you Jon! But should I not be able to measure negative voltages in bipolar mode? The range is - 0.5 V - + 0.5 V.
  2. Hello, is the ADC of Zedboard able to sample negative signals? And what are the specifications of the ADC built in? Thank You! Best regards
  3. mosambers

    Using Pmod of PS-Side of Zedboard

    Hello, I am trying to generate a Digital Output by using the Zynq Processing System. I tought using the Pmod would be easy to handle but I am already failing to design the hardware to activate the Pmod MIO. Do you know a (or similar) tutorial for that? Can you give some advises how to realize it? Thank You! Best regards
  4. @jpeyron Do I have to use the XADC Wizard IP to sample an external Signal? Or do you know a good tutorial? I found some but they are either mostly not working or just measuring the internal signals like temperature etc. Thank you Jon!
  5. Hi @jpeyron, sorry that I could not answer yet and thank you! What do you think about this ADC Board? Do you think the AD9467 FMC Board is appropriate for the Sony XC-HR50 to digitize? Or can you suggest another FMC ADC Board for high speed sampling of the camera? I am not well known in the area but this is the content of my bachelor thesis. So I would glad very thankful, if you could help me out. Best regards Sam
  6. Hello, is it possible to sample an external analog signal using the XADC? Or do I need the AMS101 Eval-Card for that? I'm using the Sony XC-HR50 analog Camera (datasheet: ), which has a CCD Sensor. I am very new to Zedboard and trying do save the picture of the camera. Thank you, kind regards The Video Output is shown below: