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  1. Hi, That instrctable link for zybo and it does not work for zed board, I could successfully use linaro in zedboard by following instructions in this blog and using linaro device tree file in this blog.
  2. Hi, That instructable link for zybo board and doesn't work for zed board. I followed this post and everything worked perfectly.
  3. Hi jpeyron, Thank you for your reply. I am not trying to run OOB project, I am trying to install linaro in zedboard according to your this tutorial. The final stage of that tutorial is copying the BOOT.BIN file from "ZedBoard Linux Hardware Design" project(please refer page 10 of tutorial). since I could not find that project I used boot.bin file in OOB. I have tried OOB project as you have mentioned here and it worked pretty well. what I want is, install linaro in zedboard. when I use the boot.bin file in OOB project the process stop at the point as I mentioned in first place. Can you tell me how to make boot.bin file for linaro or can you provide it? Thanks
  4. Hi, I am following your this tutorial for install linaro in zedboard. But I could not find the "ZedBoard Linux Hardware Design" in your website. Instead of that I found Out Of Box project folder from here . But the BOOT.BIN file in that project folder seems do not support for linaro. when I open the kernal through serial port it says ** Unable to read "ramdisk8M.image.gz" from mmc 0:1 ** ## Starting application at 0x00008000 ... Then I copied the ramdisk8M.image.gz file in OOB project folder to the FAT partition also, Then the process stops at ## Starting application at 0x00008000 ... Can someone please help me on this. Thanks
  5. Yasitha

    Heat Sink for Zybo

    Hi @jpeyron Thanks for the reply, I blinked the led using simple verilog code.
  6. Yasitha

    Heat Sink for Zybo

    I recently purchased a Zybo board and I noticed that its FPGA IC is becoming little hot for a small programs such as blinking an LED. What I would like to know is if I will have to use a heat sink for the chip for more complex and advanced designs? Thanks in advance.