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  1. hi every one i m beginner on micro blaze i just want to know how much these instruction use the clock cycles variable s0 would be mapped to a register (in register file) x5, and s1 to x6; the assembly code would be load s0 from memory to register file (how much clock cycle it takes ) load s1 from memory to register file (how much clock cycle it takes ) do the logical AND (how much clock cycle it takes) address calculation and store instruction (how much clock cycle it takes)
  2. Hello everyone, I am working on the implementation of the multiplexer in c/c++. i am using the tlut flow software. i write the mux code in the vhdl and call it in the python to run it (Tlut software requirement) and generated the .c file along with its header in linux ubuntu 12.04 lts now i am running this .c file code in Microsoft visual studio 2015 (on windows) along its headers necessary for xILINX C/C++. BUT i am getting error of C1021: invalid preprocessor command warning. kindly help me.