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    Ethernet shield

    I have looked at the RPi and BBB... but, as I understand, the LINX ver3 limits the use to non-commercial usage. I have a setup that is for commercial use. Thanks for pointing to accessable network shield.
  2. Monics

    Ethernet shield

    AustinStanton I find the speed of the serial interface to slow, 9600 baud. The Ethernet should support much higher speed and respons. Is there any other Ethernet boards for Arduino like boards, than the Digilent?
  3. Monics

    Ethernet shield

    Hi Austin... OK, I will desribe what I intend to do. I want a board which support ethernet access, fx like the digilent max32 board including the network shield. But, the network board is retired.... so what can I use instead? Fx. Could I use the NIC100 with a digilent board to communicate with LINX over Ethernet? Any experience would be nice to hear about. br, Martin C.
  4. Monics

    Ethernet shield

    I am looking at using the Digilent modules together with Labview LINX (Makerhub), and I need a setup with ethernet connection to Labview/LINX. Digilent have retired the 410-211, Network Shield... but will I be able to use the Pmod NIC100 (together with max32 or uC32) and get support for ethernet interface through LINX....?Br,Martin Christiansen.