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  1. Hello, Is there a way to configure the Waveform 2015 that I can monitor two communicating microcontrollers (here by USART) ? I need the functionality from the Logicanalyzer which tells me whether the telegrams are correct and how the timing is AND the protocolling functionality as it is already provided by waveform2015. Can I use the protocol functionality in a way that I can monitor both uarts (including a time index ?) I like to see something like this Host 1) 17:02:05.357 - STX Databyte1 Databyte2 ETX Host 2) 17:02:05.376 - STX ACK ETX Host 1) 17:02:05.357 - STX Databyte3 Databyte4 ETX Host 2) 17:02:05.376 - STX Databyte5 Databyte6 Databyte7 Databyte8 ETX Thank for your help! Markus