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  1. Hello, I was earlier able to flash LEDs on the Zybo 7010 board following the tutorials. However, I am currently trying to use the Zybo 7010 to flash LEDs which are external to the board. What I am looking at here is getting a constant voltage supply from one of the ports (maybe preferably the Xadc) to power the external LED circuit. I am having trouble getting a block design using the xadc_wiz_0 ip and the axi gpio with the zynq 7000 processor. Any information on this is greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the quick replies @JColvin I will try it out and see if that works. @Notarobot I tried out the "Hello World" project in the ug 1165 tutorials and USB uart failed to work. The only problem is I manually configured the Zynq Processing System like was shown in the tutorial to the best I could like the ZC702 that was used in the tutorial. But to expand on the problem, I have tried out the tutorials in the Zynq 7000 tutorial book for blinking LEDs and controlling the switches, gotten no errors in Vivado and SDK but no leds come on. Then I tried the "hello world" project
  3. Hello, I am quite new to the Zybo Zynq 7010 and Vivado in general. I have tried various tutorials involving the use of the Zynq Processing System and Axi GPIO to blink LEDs on the board. No errors in the proccess, but the LEDs do not blink at the end. I followed one thread regarding Integration of the Board files in Vivado but I still seem not to have any success as the LEDs still do not blink. I am also unable to access UART which I am guessing sterns from the same problem. Any solutions on installing/integrating board files/parts on Vivado for Zynq 7010 ???
  4. I used the tutorials in the Zynq book tutorials which uses both Vivado and SDK. I will go ahead and try out this particular one as well.
  5. Hello, I am currently using the Zybo Soc (Z-7010) and trying to get familiar with the Blinking LEDs tutorial. I added the Board files for the Zybo board to the appropraite directories. However, Vivado still does not provide me with the necessary interfaces as illustrated in the tutorial. I went further to the Elaborated Design at the RTL level and connected the appropriate pins for the LEDs. I generated the hardware without any errors, imported it to SDK, programmed the FPGA and run the program for blinking the LEDs. I encountered no errors in the process. However, the LEDs failed