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  1. yes. other sound device is compatible 16 or 24bit. I have AD2 and MOTU 896mk3(24bit 192kHz) but THD need sample rate too. sound device has the upper limit usually up to 192 k it is difficult...
  2. Hi I checked new version. it's great!! if possible, Can you separate magnitude and THD? because "magnitude" with dB,THD with "%" or I would like to have two Y axes in the same table. ex, left Y1=magnitude dB, right Y2= THD % sorry for many order,,,
  3. awesome!!! I'm using Mac. pls add Mac version,,, and THD need more bitrate. so when AD3 (16~24bit?) comes, I will definitely buy it!
  4. Great!! I tried ver 3.8.17. I can measure THD with network analyzer!! but I want to see THD in percent(ex.0.1%...). so I want to change the y axis to logarithmic display... and If possible, I would like to see THD, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, in the same table. like REW app.
  5. hello. yes I use FRA and analog audio suite with windows. but I want to use mac without windows or some emulator...
  6. Hi @attila Yes I saw and tried. But frequency is linear and if I can with network analyzer(with magnitude, phase), it is convenience... Can I measure at network analyzer as custom one?
  7. I want to measure Freq vs THD plot . Is it need something script?