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  1. Hi @jpeyron I have an open case with PE on this Issue , but i see on my scope that the send valid msgs, just not like the official protocol , i should be able to see the raw data on the Zybo. I also have an open case with Microchip , maybe then can help. is there anything else i can do until they answer?
  2. Hi @jpeyron these are the facts untill now: the pe3 ECU sends canbus data like it should on its datasheet but the format isnt exactly like in formal protocol. the msg it sends can be seen a few posts ago. when the pmod is on listen only mode - i have corrupted data , and the pmod doesnt sent ack so the ECU sends the same msg all the time. when the pmod is on normal mode - i have no data received("Error, message not received") I thought that the reason is that the msp25625 drops the frame for error. that why i changed the CAN_RXB0CTRL_REG data to 0x0 istead of 0x60(ignore error - page 37 in the msp datasheet) CAN_ModifyReg(InstancePtr, CAN_RXB0CTRL_REG_ADDR, 0x64, 0x00) - line 663 in PmodCAN.c this didnt help. what else can i do to make it work?
  3. Hi @jpeyron In the Code there is a reg that determines the baud rate - how can i change the baud rate to be fixed? and what could cause the raw data from the canbus to be wrong? the baud rate only?
  4. Hi @jpeyron i've connected the PE3 ECU to the agilent keysight oscilloscope, what i see is that the ECU sends the data like it should(according to the document attached) the ECU sent one msg all the time: ID Type DLC Data CRC 0CFFF048 Data 8.00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 12000.00 0CFFF048 Data 8.00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 12000.00 all of the data from the scope is attached. how should i proceed? thanks, David pe3_can_protocol_b.pdf scope_3_SBUS1_CAN.csv scope_recording_from_PE3.csv scope_recording_from_PE3_bits_data_voltage.csv
  5. Hi @jpeyron, I found the reason why it didnt work, the following command isnt working with "CAN_ModeNormalOperation", it works only with "CAN_ModeListenOnly" for some reason: void CanBusInitialize() { EnableCaches(); CAN_begin(&myDevice, XPAR_PMODCAN_0_AXI_LITE_GPIO_BASEADDR, XPAR_PMODCAN_0_AXI_LITE_SPI_BASEADDR); CAN_Configure(&myDevice, CAN_ModeListenOnly); } anyway, now i have another problem, when i connect to the PE3 ECU, i get the following Raw Data: j1939 standart - 500 Kb/S: 3FD3CD1533A43BD7ECE2 3FD37C1533A43BD7ECE2 pe3 standart - 500 Kb/S: 3F40CDCC0124810208FB 3FD3CD1533A43BD7ECE2 pe3 standart - 250 Kb/S: 3FD37C1533A43BD7ECE2 none of this msgs standards are consistent with the CanBus ID PE use(attached). To find the data i receive from the PE, i added the following code to the CAN_ReceiveMessage function in the PmodCan.c file: xil_printf("id is "); for (index = 0; index < 48; index++) xil_printf("%X", data[index]); any idea what am i doing wrong? Thanks, David pe3_can_protocol_b.pdf
  6. i've finally tried the loopback program - it seems to work - the output:
  7. jon - i've tried all the speeds available in the ECU including 500 Kbps, about the loopback - i'll do it soon and update. noterobot - i'm using PE3 ECU, that works with the SAE J1939 standard.
  8. Hi @jpeyron, i've tried all 4 options: only jp1 on only jp2 on jp1 and jp2 on, both of them off(jumper not connected) when i remove the Pmod, i get status FF. when its connected my status is always 0. Thanks, David
  9. I connected the CanH and CanL to the Blue connector(J3), and the ground of the ECU to the ground on J3. i've used the following config: three commands set a CAN speed of 250 kBPS with a CAN clock of 20 MHz. CNF1 (0x2A) set to 0x41 CNF2 (0x29) set to 0xFB CNF3 (0x28) set to 0x86 then i configured the ECU Canbus messages speed to 250kBps. what can i check/do? Thanks, David
  10. Hi @jpeyron I bought the Pmod CAN from Digilent. I've followed all the Installation Steps, and i should have a working code. I'm Trying to receive Data from the PE3 ECU, that works with the SAE J1939 standard (http://pe-ltd.com/assets/AN400_CAN_Protocol_C.pdf). When i Use the Example code(Receive only - Author: @artvvb - ) provided with the Pmod Can. I always get Status = 0. When i Connect the PE3 to a Scope, i can see that is sends the Canbus Messages. In the Pmod CAN notes i see that it only Compatible with ISO-11898-1, ISO-11898-2, and ISO-11898-5 What should i change in the code in order to make it work? this is the code description: /*************************************************************************/ /* */ /* RX.c -- PmodCAN Example Projects */ /* */ /*************************************************************************/ /* Author: Arthur Browm */ /* */ /*************************************************************************/ /* File Description: */ /* */ /* This demo receive data through the PmodCAN and send it through uart */ /* normal mode function */ /* */ /*************************************************************************/ /* Revision History: */ /* */ /* 8/30/2017(ArtVVB): Created */ /* 9/1/2017(jPeyron): formatted Validated */ /* 9/6/2017(jPeyron): Added RX and TX demos */ /* */ /*************************************************************************/ /*************************************************************************/ Thanks, David
  11. david.600

    Heat Sink for Zybo

    Hi @jpeyron, is there a on board sensor on the zynq main chip that measure the temp and shuts down the system if overheated? If my chip works at 100% cpu and a few more medium size vhdl programs for 5 hours every time, should i add heat sink? thanks,
  12. david.600

    Zybo I2c Master

    jpeyron Thank you for your replay, Where can i find the C code for Zybo communicating with this Pmod? i only see the code for "Library and example code for a microcontroller using the Arduino IDE" Thanks,
  13. david.600

    Zybo I2c Master

    Hi, I have the Zybo Zynq 7000 board (Z-7010). I also have a Ti Msp430G2 launchpad. I need the Zybo to be the Master I2c , send request data from the Ti Chip. In Zybo i'm Using the I2c_0 Built in controller on the ps, i've tried the following Examples with no success(test failed Everytime): xiicps_polled_master_example.c xiicps_slave_monitor_example.c then i tried to to troubleshoot the problem, i'v used the xiicps_polled_slave_example.c and on the Ti Chip i used the wire library, as I2c Master and a c program that Scans Addresses - this works Therefor all the connections and vivado config are fine. How can find a working Master Program for zybo?
  14. david.600

    Zybo I2C

    After reading other posts online and your answer, i saw that the 6 ports are already connected , and i only need to make the IIC_0 port external. After the IIC_o port is external you should go to I/0 ports , then there are only 2 ports of IIC , then you choose the restrictions as described in the following post: IIC how to vivado
  15. david.600

    Zybo I2C

    Thank you for the response, I'm having trouble understanding the connection that should be made in vivado: should i use the emio port to the iic controller or the AXI_iic, and which of the ports are data and clock?(I have 6 ports). i already found the code examples in SDK, i just need help to make the connection in vivado. as for the PmodRTCC , they use an existing IP called PmodRTCC_v1_0 in order to connect it to the PMOD.