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  1. I had suspected that this wouldn't work but it was worth exploring. Yes: please ask your dev team if this is something that can be done. For the future: Is there any possibility that the OpenScope MZ can support the WiFi connection of a smartphone or tablet directly without needing a host WiFi network? In other words, the OpenScope would serve as the hotspot / access point that the phone connects to. As a person who uses WiFi technology without understanding the underlying principles, this seems like an obvious choice. I suspect that it is not easy but I am asking if it is possibl
  2. Another possibility for this scenario: Will the Android version of Waveforms Live work with a USB connection? In other words, can I use the USB On The Go feature of my phone to connect directly to the OpenScope MZ? I routinely use my phone and OTG with other instruments with excellent results. If this is possible, can you give me guidance as to what I need to do? Many thanks! dwayne
  3. Ouch. My phone does have Hotspot capability but the phone's WiFi is turned OFF whenever the Hotspot function is turned ON. I'm assuming that Waveforms Live needs to use the phone's WiFi connection to connect to the OpenScope? For my phone (and all other Samsung phones that I've worked with), this seems like a Catch-22 situation: the Openscope can connect to the Hotspot but Waveforms Live can't connect to the phone because the phone's WiFi is turned OFF. Any suggestions how I can make this work?
  4. Received my OpenScope MZ a couple of weeks ago and am now just trying to configure it. My application is doing field measurements where this is no WiFi network available. There is only the Android device and the OpenScope MZ. Could some kind soul give me a step-by-step procedure how to accomplish this, starting from opening the shipping box for the first time and ending up with the OpenScope talking to Waveforms Live on the Android device? Many thanks! dwayne