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  1. hi Jon, Thank you for your reply. To me it seems there is still some info missing here. When I look at pins on the datasheet of FQ7050B-8.000 (*1) and compare them with pin ordering of Chipkit Rev D Eagle design (*2), they are different (see attached images). Crystal is connected between pins 1 and 3 on one chip, but it is using pins 2 and 4 on the other. The chips also look different: Text on our FQ7050B-8.000 is 'FOX 8.000' whereas our chipkit oscillator reads '8.000 MEC AL4JD'. How is this?? Best, metso *1 *2 https://reference.
  2. hi, We have been happy to use chipkit max32 for quite some time now. Now we wanted to experiment a design that uses parts of the max32 circuitry. It turned out that when we have the crystal oscillator FQ7050B-8.000 (*1) connected to PIC32MX795F512, it uses an internal oscillator instead, and it runs slow. The model for the crystal oscillator is the one specified in chipkit schematics file (*2). If we replace it with the physical oscillator circuit removed from one of our chipkit max32 boards, controller performance becomes just as fast as in max32, and it is using the external oscillator