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  1. gm_

    JTAG HS2 completely silent

    Nothing appears. When I connect/disconnect with the device manager window open, it doesn't refresh as it usually does when a new device is connected.
  2. gm_

    JTAG HS2 completely silent

    Hi all, I have just tried my JTAG HS2 on 4 PC with windows and linux, but the device is not recognized by any of them. I also tried to change the usb cable to no avail. Any idea to what else I could do before sending it back? Thanks!
  3. Dear all, I would like to buy JTAG HS2, but I have the followings doubts: 1. is it recognised by Fedora? 2. does it support debugging? 3. does it work with urJTAG? 4. is it compatible with openOCD? Thanks! gm