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  1. Actually the reason for using fpga with UART is that this project is all about control a diy drone. In other words, rotors of drone could take by their value through UART and the whole programming language is in VHDL. This is why I am using BASYS3 with UART, an embedded systems could handle the project after compiling the code. But I cannot send the values that I entered by UART using TERA TERM to servo motors in this code, and I don't know how to handle because things are seemed okay, the loopback that I wrote for UART for sending and receiving the values couldnt rotate the motors the way I
  2. Hi everyone, I am working on a project about drone. The project is sending and receiving data through UART and controlling the four brushless servo motors by getting these value for the speed of servo motors. I could find and combine codes for accomplishing the communication between fpga and the computer. However, I cannot make a relationship between coming data with servo motor. I get the coming UART data one by one by converting integer for duty cycle. Could you help me out this, how can I get the received data and send it to servo motors? Thanks in advance.