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  1. Is there any update the Raspberry Pi version of the Adept Runtime and Adept Utilities packages? Currently, I have a project that requires a Raspberry Pi 2, running Ubuntu Mate to program the flash device of the FPGA board. I can use adept runtime to configure the FPGA, but it seems the Adept 2 doesn't support to program the flash device. I mean I want to run a tool like the iMPACT running in windows to configure the flash device. Any suggestions for that? Nguyen.
  2. Hi, I currently have a project that requires using Raspberry Pi to configure both a Xilinx FPGA board and a flash device (either serial or parallel SPANSION flash) using the JTAG-HS3. Using Adept 2 tools, I can easily configure the FPGA by using Raspberry + the JTAG HS3. However, I prefer that when the power is turned on, the FPGA will be automatically configured a configuration that was stored in the flash device, rather than configure the FPGA every time using Raspberry Pi. It means that I need to find a way somehow programming the flash device on the Xilinx FPGA board, like iMPact or Xilinx Vivado can do. On this forum, 5 years ago, some one said that there is no way to program the flash device without using Adept GUI in windows. I hope after these years someone will get a further progress. Of course, with x86 processors, I can easily use Xilinx tools to do the jobs. However, the problem is that I must use a Raspberry Pi to do the jobs. But it seems only Digilent sets a foot step to support Raspbery Pi. I just wonder is there any one here has used Raspberry Pi to program the flash device? Or is there any hint how to get the job done in Raspberry Pi? I just don't want to write a tool by myself. It's a fool, isn't it? Cheers, Nguyen.