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  1. Using script with Spectrum on AD2

    Hi tomtektest, I do follow your YouTube channel, I personnaly did not do any video. I do posses a digital photo camera and a tripod, but no editing software. (also note that English is not my primary language) My interest in audio measurement is sparked from my experiment in amplifier design and build. This script is just one piece of the puzzle. I still miss THD vs power, but that will be trivial to build from the THD vs Freq above, just a few changes i presume. I do follow a certain sequence, mostly due to setup constraints, and collect information in a spread sheet. This is still messy at present, it is a work in progress. If I come with something manageable, perhaps I could make the content puplicly available (spreadsheet, scripts, instructions on setting up and performing measurements). If you review this content and think it makes senses, perhaps you could do a video on it. Regards,
  2. Using script with Spectrum on AD2

    here is another version of the script i am working on, it does both channel it does scale the frequencies logarithmically it does the averaging if trace 1 type allows count to be enabled. it saves to a desktor CSV file for data manipulation in a speadsheet. I made some modifications to the spreadsheet I use in hope it will be more generic and useful to others. I also wrote some short instructions on how to proceed, but I am afraid it won't be clear for beginners. I also made a drawing of dummy load and possible attenuator for interconnection with the Analog Discovery. I thd1watt.bmp THD_vs_Power.dwf3script THD_vs_Freq_%.dwf3script Amplificateur_mesure.ods instructions.txt DummyLoad_2.pdf
  3. Using script with Spectrum on AD2

    Hi, i modified attila script slightly so that the thd values are in % and the range is in the usual audio band. Hope it could be useful for others. function doTHD(){ var rgTHD = [] var rgFreq = [] for(var idx = 20; idx <= 20000; idx+=19980/30){ Wavegen1.Channel1.Simple.Frequency.value = idx // start AWG wait(0.01) // settle time for the external circuit, expressed in seconds Spectrum1.Frequency.Stop.value = 20*Wavegen1.Channel1.Simple.Frequency.value // adjust analyzer stopfrequency Spectrum1.single() // start acquisition if(!Spectrum1.wait()){ // wait to finish return; } rgFreq.push(Spectrum1.Trace1.measureFreq("FF")) rgTHD.push(100*Math.pow(10,Spectrum1.Trace1.measure("THD")/20)) } Wavegen1.stop() print(rgFreq, rgTHD) // print data for copy paste // draw in plot1, View / Add plot plot1.X.Units.text = "Hz" plot1.Y1.Units.text = "%" = rgFreq = rgTHD } doTHD();
  4. Using script with Spectrum on AD2

    My question is for attila, I tried your script, and it appears to work, but... I chose linear db average with a count of 10 for the spectrum traces, but your script behaves like in sample mode, it takes the first reading only. Is there a way to modify the wait sequence so that the spectrum does the 10 measurement and averaging?