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  1. cnun999

    HDL coder in matlab

    I have designed a filter using xilinx system generator blocks. I need hdl code for ASIC design of same filer so im using HDL coder which is need to pass HDL workflow advisor-test . In this test at 2.3 check block compatibility I got a error as "Abnormal exit: Undefined function or variable "checks". how to solve this problem please help any body................... thanking you
  2. thank you for your suggestion, I can't share the design because project work . Iam using Virtex-7 VC709 Evaluation Platform (xc7vx690tffg1761-2) board
  3. I have designed a adaptive audio deniosing filter using system generator later on iam try to synthesis this design in vivado from last 36 hours but synthesis not completed . i got info in log as "Message 'Synth 8-3332' appears 100 times and further instances of the messages will be disabled. Use the Tcl command set_msg_config to change the current settings" please any body help regard this.................. thanking you