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  1. I figured out the solution. Download Digilent Adept and run it. Running this program appears to detect the NEXYS 4 board as well as doing some sort of initialization. After I did that, the board was recognized. Joy! Download Digilent Adept from here: http://store.digilentinc.com/digilent-adept-2-download-only/
  2. Hi, I just installed vivado 2017.2 on my PC, running windows 7 Service Pack1 (64-bit). I connected my Nexys 4 board using the cable that comes with the board in the package. When I attempted to connect the board to my PC, by clicking Open Hardware Manager -> Open Target -> Auto Connect, in the Hardware window in vivado, it shows localhost(0), which means no device detected. I also get 2 warnings below: warning: cannot open library dpcomm.dll, first required symbol ftdimgr_lock, Digilent FTDI based JTAG cables cannot be supported warning: cannot open library djtg.dll, first
  3. Hello, @Bianca I removed the diode as you suggested, and the board is powered back up. You are such a life-saver! Thank you (&hug)! Y.Y.
  4. Hi, I am a new user of Nexys 4 board. I think accidentally damaged the protection diode, due to using an incorrect 12V adapter, when using wall supply option. I ohmed the fuse and it is ~0 ohm, so I think the fuse is still functional. Would removing the diode fix the problem? If I would like to repair the damage, where can I get some more information on that? Would Digilent be able to repair the damage, for a reasonable fee? Any information will be greatly appreciated.