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  1. @bogdan.deac Thank you! Is there anyway to determine what functionality is currently missing in the SDSoC platform? Do you think fully functional platform will be available by end of October?
  2. Hi @jpeyron, Thanks for the links. My biggest concern right now is getting HDMI In to a video stream which OpenCV can handle within Linux. I think I'll need dvi2rgb, v_vid_in_axi4s and axi_vdma to make this possible. If this PL setup is correct, is the next step only to set up the Linux device tree? The input resolution is fixed.
  3. Hello, I'm evaluating the feasibility of using the Arty Z7 for an embedded vision project. The goal is to run OpenCV (accelerated) in Linux with HDMI as the video source. 1. Any recommended examples to start with? 2. Can this be done with free IP cores? 3. Any tips/suggestions?
  4. Hello - Are these available yet? Thanks