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  1. I requested added logic analysis support a while ago in THIS thread where Kristoff posted a link to the change request for implementing it, if people would go there and +1 it it might happen at some point. I'm generally a bit divided about Dave's reviews. Everything concerning circuits, PCB-design and analog solutions he is top notch about, not so IMO when it comes to digital stuff and where he really drops the ball quite often (sometimes face-palmingly so) is when it comes to any product with a PC interface where he often misses very obvious stuff and where it's always obvious he haven't used the software for more than what it takes to screencap the video nor has he ever read a manual it seems. I get that he has a lot of stuff on his table, and when it comes to reviews about the stuff he really knows his approach where he basically doesn't know a thing about the product when shooting starts and then picks everything up while shooting works really well and is both spontaneous and something to learn from, but some things really requires a reviewer to spend a certain amount of time with the product to understand it, and this is where Dave often fails, as in this case. Like I said, this is likely an effect of having to little time to spend and that is ok, but I think in that case he might reconsider doing reviews of the sort at all.
  2. So, while it’s great to be able to get a snapshot of digital channels , to be really useful as a digital analyzer the software really needs to be able to interpret signals according to protocol, just like standalone analyzers do. Sure, I get it if you can’t support any odd protocol out there, the main ones would be a massive improvement, like I2C, SPI, UART etc. Maybe just provide for it and let people implement and share their own protocols. Right now, you’dnhave to manually compare the readout to protocol specs, making the usefulness very limited. cheers
  3. I would certainly find that very useful, I find having real probes almost essential to using any scope. Would love it to have a 3D model for a case that fits the adapter as well to be able to print it, I'm just to bad at 3D design to make one myself!
  4. Hi, Just got myself an Openscope today and have been playing around with it for a couple of hours now, and in general I'm very satisfied. There is however one thing that doesn't work as I expect. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but I can't get the triggering to work as I want it to. Basically, the problem seems to be that it sometimes refuses to trigger, even though there is obviously a signal of significant strength present. For example, I hooked osc channel 1 up to one point of a circuit and it showed a nice square wave. Now, I hooked channel 2 to the same circuit, just after a basic inverting amp setup, and as soon as I connect it it stops auto-updating and just says "Armed" under the "Single" and "Run/Stop" buttons. Now if I hit "Force" in the Trigger section both the waveforms are there, both at a voltage above the set trigger Level - when this happens, no matter how low I set the level it won't trigger. This isn't the only circuit this happens with. On a few occasions it sat like this for a couple of minutes, and then randomly decided to start triggering again. There's either something obvious I'm missing here as I said, or the board or software is defect. Any help?? Please! Cheers