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  1. Hello @attila I want to plot V-A and V-P characterization of tested device. So I need ideally both - Y1 and Y2. For every point measured value is used.
  2. Hi @attila Can you add into Script > Plot an option to have XY plot with lines between points and with selectable colour for every Y1..Y4 line? Now it is hard to distinguish which point is for which axis. And maybe another option to select line type (solid, dashed, dotted) and multiple scales. Thank you
  3. Hi @attila It is ok now because for now I am unable to set even Protocol trigger to value for instance 0x00A3 at the third position.
  4. Hello @attila Can you add an option into protocol trigger to trigger when value is in or out of defined range? This will be helpful when finding strange values on bus. Thank you
  5. kojak

    Voltage spikes when changing voltage

    Hi @attila Can you change this behaviour to use amplitude instead of offset? Or enable to use amplitude for fast changes and offset for slow changes of output voltage. I need this for fast variable PSU which is driven by AD2. Sometime I need long settling time and sometime I need to have short settling time. Thank you
  6. Hi @attila this is great. I also tried exec function but it looks as this function have fixed timeout to 10 s and it is waiting for this timeout although the called program has already finished execution. I am expecting that you are working on that. Thank you.
  7. kojak

    Python scope script speed

    Hi @attila I am getting this times measured by time_ = time.time() before and time_ = time.time() - time_ after call: dwf.FDwfAnalogInConfigure(self.hdwf, c_bool(False), c_bool(True)) Average 0.312 ms Mean 0.210 ms StDev 0.516 ms Min 0.084 ms Max 12.434 ms Over 2619 samples dwf.FDwfAnalogInStatus(hdwf, c_int(False), byref(status)) Average 0.689 ms Mean 0.322 ms StDev 1.363 ms Min 0.091 ms Max 14.773 ms Over 2740 samples dwf.FDwfAnalogInStatus(hdwf, c_int(True), byref(status)) Average 6.873 ms Mean 6.794 ms StDev 1.445 ms Min 5.389 ms Max 22.871 ms Over 2785 samples dwf.FDwfAnalogInStatusData(hdwf, 0, samples_ch1, 8192) dwf.FDwfAnalogInStatusData(hdwf, 1, samples_ch2, 8192) Average 0.231 ms Mean 0.205 ms StDev 0.142 ms Min 0.119 ms Max 3.727 ms Over 2555 samples I do not know how much data is transfered by calling dwf.FDwfAnalogInStatus(hdwf, c_int(True), byref(status)). But if I use only 2 bytes per sample and channel, then I get 32 kB data transfered during 6,8 ms which gives me about 4,6 MB/s. This is good. But I have an question, do you think that during calling dwf.FDwfAnalogInStatus(hdwf, c_int(False), byref(status)) or another probably new function you can transfer data which is already measured? So during polling whether is conversion finished parts of the data will be transfered. Some kind of Draw while recording option. Finally calling dwf.FDwfAnalogInStatus(hdwf, c_int(True), byref(status)) will assemble parts of data and transfer remaining data from AD.
  8. Hello @attila I need fast scope measurement and I found that function dwf.FDwfAnalogInStatus(self.hdwf, c_int(True), byref(status)) takes about 7.4 ms (plus acquisition time). When I set fReadData to false then it took slightly more than acquisition time. Do you think that you can optimize this function to be faster? I also found that this function is blocking even if fReadData is false, is this desirable? Thank you
  9. Hello @attila Can you add an option into script to run a program and which will wait for response? I am using Tool.start for starting Python script which is sending some data over virtual COM port and I need to process response from this script in order to decide how to continue. And one more request - can you add an option for ability to show open/save file dialog? This can be used for defining filename of script about which I wroted above and for defining filenames for save/export images/data. Thank you
  10. Hello @attila In one of my measurements I need to have repeated Record mode. I have set trigger source to Wavegen and I need to trigger every time when I start Wavegen. Can you add a modified key (Shift or Ctrl) which enable this behaviour? Now I every time need to click Record in Scope and then Run in Wavegen. Thank you
  11. Hello @attila Can you add an option to limit decimal places into Measurements view? Now the measurements are chaotic with many decimal places. Thank you
  12. Hello @attila Thank you, this will help with debugging also with line numbers. One way can be setting the frequency to maximum 100 Msps and add filter for filtering out faster (means shorter time) glitches than chosen value. Can you also add a shortcut for zoom to fit all data (I am used to use Home from KiCad)?
  13. Hello @attila Yes, I understand and I did copy/paste operation but simple button near clear can ease this. As you can see below, error without description. And yes, I am using 4th device configuration. So setting to higher frequency is ok?
  14. Hello @attila I am using Spy at SPI bus and I have some thoughts about it. First one is if you can add line numbers as this can be helpful when large amount of data is transferred. Sometime I get error, can you make it more descriptive as this will help with debugging. I am unable to export data in File > Export as csv/txt, when I tried to export it then 0 B size file is saved. Maybe Save button near Clear button will ease export. I have one question - why there is Frequency settings? Shouldn't data be sampled at highest frequency and only decoded data should be transferred into PC?
  15. kojak

    I2C Python Interface

    Hi @attila This looks great. I have one question, can you add CAN bus or better also a LIN bus? Thank you.