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  1. Hi @attila This looks like it is the time to make thick brown line and to stop adding new features or to create new revision 🙂
  2. Hi @attila Do you think that it will be possible to add measurements into Digital view in Scope and also in Logic? It will be really helpful, especially with basic statistics - Maximum, Minimum, Average. Maybe if you can also add more "advanced" statistic indicators eg. Median, Expected value, Variance then it will be great. Now I have to reconnect signal from Logic to Scope in order to perform measurements. Thank you.
  3. Hello @attila Can you add into Wavegen an option to start and stop it by external pin? It can be started by setting up trigger to Logic or External, but cannot be stopped by pin. When I stopping it by the script, then I have there some delay. Thank you
  4. Hello @attila OK, I will use your the first proposal. There is little about 2 us offset (measured signal from Wavegen on Scope is about 2 us delayed after trigger), but this is acceptable. Thank you
  5. Hello @attila Now I understand how this is working. So I need to have all samples which I defined to capture. Do you think that it will be possible to transfer information at what sample is trigger and align samples to this point (if there are missing samples after trigger) or this will be much work to be done?
  6. Hello @attila How much samples should I let to capture? I think samples up to trigger point should be sufficient? Is there in data from FPGA information when trigger appear?
  7. Hello @attila please see my modified workspace. Scope_offset_issue_no_data.dwf3work
  8. Hello @attila I can not let it stop automatically as I need to stop it as soon as event on Logic appears in order to have measurement as short as possible. But trigger should be in measured data, so I think that alignment should be possible. Do you think that it will be possible to implement?
  9. Hello @attila I do not write it clearly. I do not have an issue with delay caused by Script, but when Scope is stopped (by Script) in the middle of measurement. Then when data re displayed, then they are not aligned to the trigger.
  10. Hello @attila No, I can not provide it, it is confidential. What informations do you need?
  11. Hello @attila I think this is a bug. My setup looks like: Wavegen is started by Script Scope is triggered by Wavegen configured to record 2 Msamples. Trigger set to 10% Logic is triggered by Signal and configured to measure very short period of time In a script I Start Logic, then Scope and wait for scope to prefill. Then I start Wavegen, which triggers Scope. After some time Signal triggers Logic which is Done a little after that. Then Wavegen and Scope is stopped by Script. After that Scope data are shown correctly, but they are shifted from the defined trigger position. Do you think that it will be possible to align them to the right position? Thank you
  12. Hi @attila Can you also add an option to automatically switch resistors when using adapter? Thank you
  13. Hello @attila I want to plot V-A and V-P characterization of tested device. So I need ideally both - Y1 and Y2. For every point measured value is used.
  14. Hi @attila Can you add into Script > Plot an option to have XY plot with lines between points and with selectable colour for every Y1..Y4 line? Now it is hard to distinguish which point is for which axis. And maybe another option to select line type (solid, dashed, dotted) and multiple scales. Thank you
  15. Hi @attila It is ok now because for now I am unable to set even Protocol trigger to value for instance 0x00A3 at the third position.