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  1. Hi @attila, Thanks for the figure and the typons ! Your are right there is a problem with caching. I will test the voltage you mentioned during the next days. I have checked the output of the Audio on my scope, everything is ok. I think that the Feedback capacitor C163 may have been damaged causing the cut off frequency of the RC cell to have moved. I will check.
  2. Yeah, I know it is on me. But I usually do not give up easily. Here is my trouble shooting. I have managed to spot a short circuit on the output stage of the AWG1 caused by a fried op amp, i changed it and the consumption is now back to a std level (300mA), the board can now be connected to my laptop without power supply. The AWG1 generates a wave, but there are two problems. There is, as already mentioned, an offset and i can not correct it by calibration of the high gain AWG1. Also, the spectral behaviour changed : there is a loss in the generation of the wave, if i select one volt for the peak to peak voltage, the amplitude of the effectively generated wave decreased as the frequency increased, there is a low pass filter somewhere. I insist : this offset appears only on the High Gain Calibration procedures and also on the scope. The I/V stage : The Audio works fine! No problem! No loss at high gain frequency. So the generation of the wave is ok nothing bad append to the DAC. The AD8068 is a dual op amp, the figure 19 of the documentation is missing, is the Right Audio circuit and the out circuit of the AWG1 use separate op amp ? Could you provide me the Figure 19 . This would be priceless for me. Also : The offset is provided by a chip AD5645R which also provides voltage for the on board power supply, the latter work well. Best Regards, Nicolas
  3. Hi, First, The Analog Discovery 2 is a very handy device and i am very pleased with all the functionality it offers. I got a problem with my device. The channel one of the wave form generator is not working any more. Here is the full the story. i mixed up the scopes for the signal generator and the oscilloscope and i ended up trying to measure a voltage of about 80v with the scope connected to waveform generator. As a result the device disconnected from my laptop. I noticed my mistake, unplugged the scope and tried to reconnect the device. It does show up in the list of available devices with all values of the register, S/N, state... But once i have clicked on 'select', an error pops with 'communication with the device failed'. I connected an external power supply to Analog D and this device can now be connected to Waveform (?!). If I try to set a sinusoidal signal on the channel one of the waveform generator, it shows either a clipped signal or absolutely nothing depending on the Vpp voltage. Also, their is a spurious 3V drop between ground and the output of the channel 1 To finish, the device warms up very quickely. Does anyone has an idea how to fix that ? To be honnest, i have made an huge mix-take with the device, do you think that someone at Digilent will agree to have look at the device ? Edit: Waveform indicates a consumption of 800mA / 4.8V on the AUX power supply, the temp is around 50 °C. Also there is a sound emitted by the device when connected, like a whistling. Best Regards, Nicolas