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  1. Success... The USB connection on the AD2 seems to be extremely touchy. Just my luck that while moving it between my laptop and desktop I was intermittently connected. Thank you for asking questions. It caused me to be much more deliberate in documenting what was happening. I happened to touch the USB port on the AD2 while connected to my Desktop and it disconnected. That is when I went back to my laptop and made sure it was plugged in. That's when I found it. Thanks,
  2. I was unable to run Waveforms and connect to my Analog Discovery 2 using my Windows 10 laptop that only had 4 Gigs of memory and was a little slow so I bought a new HP with an upgraded processor and 8 Gigs, but I am still unable to connect when I ran Waveforms. I can run my AD2 on my Windows desktop but not either of my laptops. I tried different cables including the one that works with the desktop and tried running it with an external 5V power supply but nothing. I should not say nothing, Waveforms seems to know when I am trying to connect because it comes up in Discovery 2 DEMO mode. Also, I see no USB device when I go to device manager. I tried to get it to stop DEMO mode in the hope of getting it to search again without exiting the program, but when it restarts, I am once again met with no device found window . My old laptop was a little better. If I would start the program with the AD2 disconnected click OK on the no device found window then plug in the AD2, sometimes the program wouild see the AD2. But after running a while it would lock up. That is why I thought it needed more memory. The device is of little value if I cannot run it on my laptop.