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  1. Hi, i tried to built the Nexys Video - Getting Started with Microblaze Example...but when i build the bitstream i get a error. The error says that something is wrong with the licence. How can i solve the licence problem...?? The links shows the tutorial...the error popped up at step 4.13) https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/nexys-video-getting-started-with-microblaze-servers/start Bye
  2. Hi, i have solved my problem...I choosed the wrong frequenz and I didn't connect the pVDE signal with the rgb2dvi block...now I use 800 x 600 @ 60Hz...you can load my sample project with a white screen on my page www.miezekatzen-dompteur.de Thanks for your help Bye
  3. Thanks for the info 🙂 I saw the timing picture of the VGA port on the nexys-4-ddr board Is it correct if i switch signal vid_pVDE to '1' when the picture is visible. If i have got a display with 640x480/60Hz, i switch the vid_pVDE signal to '1' between h_counter >= 144 and h_counter < 784 and v_counter >= 31 and v_counter < 511) if (hc >= 144) and (hc < 784) and (vc >= 31) and (vc < 511) then pVde <= '1'; else pVde <= '0'; end if;
  4. Hello, i have got a problem with the output of a simple HDMI signal. I use the the IP block rgb2dvi of digilent and a vga.vhd file which creates the hsync, vsync signals. I connected the signals with vid_pHSync, vid_pVsync of the rgb2dvi IP. I created a vector (23 downto 0) with ('1') for vid_pData, with this vector is want show a white picture on the screen. The vid_pVDE is connected with '1'. I used the vga.vhd in a former project where i created a VGA signal on a screen. The vga.vhd creates a signal with 800 x 600 pix and 72Hz. The pixel clock is 50Mhz. What's the me
  5. Hello digilent support team, i have got a problem with my nexys 4 board. After i connected the board to a external power supply of 5V the board is death. I connected the positive pol of the source with the positive pol of the sink and the negative pol with GND of the board. I found the schematic of the nexys 4 board and made some measurement on my death board. I measure 5V at PIN 12/13 of IC22 ADP2118 but i don't measure 3.3V at PIN 6 at IC18 ADM1086, in the schematic the name of this voltage is FT3V3. But I coundn't find the source of FT3V3 in the schematic. Can you give m