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  1. FFT problems doesn't finish never

    @D@n hi I am using fft ip in vivado 2015.2 .In FFt ip two input are there s_axis_config_tdata and s_axis_data_tdata. I am giving input from saxis_data_tdata in parallel means out put is not coming as expected . and can you tell me me signification of saxis_config_tdata and for proper sinwave output from fft input should given in serial or parallel (m using parallel) and also output should taken serial and or parallel
  2. FFT problems doesn't finish never

    @@D@n i didn't get any appropriate forum request of md.shffat that why, ya in vivado we can use use ip, what my problem is how to connect input and output of different ip make them together, i want to know connect all devices ip like fft,adc,ram etc. In catalog ip i am able customize it but, how to use different catalog ip together or In one ip catalog (like in fft ip catalog how to add/connect other device/ip in it like adc ram etc). I am not getting idea to how to use that ip catalog in my program
  3. BASYS3 with Microblaze in Vivado 16.x

    @jpeyron Hi want some help in vivado ,generating board file in vivado via ip (I am trying to implement fft) how to connect all pin to each other. How we use ip catalog ?? help me
  4. FFT problems doesn't finish never

    @mohamed shffat
  5. BASYS3 with Microblaze in Vivado 16.x

    @jpeyron Hi I want to change something/adding some string in tcp_recved(highlight in blue) follow "he.png",as per as tcp_recved function include as header file(header.png) , so If I have to change something/add I have to change in header file but if go in left side of picture in include folder there is a purple folder for echo server. I can not go through that one to make changes thanks
  6. BASYS3 with Microblaze in Vivado 16.x

    @jpeyron if we have 2 board file can we merge both or we call with port mapping like vhdl/verilog program