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  1. Thanks for pointing me to the information detailing how to import the dwf.dll's into Labview and for the example code that was available in the WaveForms 2015 SDK. I've been able to use the SDK digital output function calls in LabView to control the digital outputs of the Digital Discovery. I've been able to produce patterns and control timing just like in the WaveForms 2015 program. What I've failed to accomplish is using the SDK digital input functions to acquire data on the digital input lines and dump the logic analyzer memory to an array in LabView. Are there any examples using these SDK functions in LabView that demonstrates how to implement the functions of the logic analyzer as used in the WaveForms 2015 program? Thanks in Advance.
  2. I've imported the tools for the Analog Discovery 2 into my LabView 2014 home bundle to see if it had any support for the Digital Discovery. I was able to do static writes and reads to/from any of the available channels on the digital discovery, but what I would really like to see is support for the pattern generator and logic analyzer functions in LabView. Is there anyway to control these functions in LabView like you can within the WaveForms 2015 software?