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  1. Audio processing

    @D@n Ok let me see than... !!!!
  2. Audio processing

    @D@n Oh, yes! Data from mic is being heard from the audio jack on nexys 4 board, i.e real time application........ Thanks.....
  3. Audio processing

    @D@n Oh yes I understood what you are exactly trying to say... But passing whole of my pdm data ( as audio is infinitely large) directly from the filter would be a good idea ?
  4. Audio processing

    @D@n The output of mic has 16 bit pdm data at 48 kHz , now audio being non - stationary signal, I cannot let the whole data pass through FIR bandpass filter so instead of windowing it, can I use BRAM IP (Block Memory Generator) with depth of 1024 and than pass it through the FIR ? Thanks.........
  5. Audio processing

    @D@n I need your help sir... I want to use triangle or a square wave and want to pass it through the three/four band pass filters so I could analyze the harmonics...!! Now if I am working in digital domain so I may go for FIR Compiler IP but from where can I get triangle/square wave in digital domain as I don't want to use the microphone and suppose if I get it how will I define them as input of x no of bits when customizing FIR IP ?? Please help me with this or suggest some other idea.. My work is on halt currently.. Thank you..
  6. Audio processing

    Another doubt is my input is 16 bits and coefficient width is 8/16 bits but I require output as 16 bits !!! Would it be feasible to truncate the output ( option provided during customizing the IP) ??? @D@n
  7. Audio processing

    @D@n Sorry I am not able to exactly figure out the meaning of your last sentences.................
  8. Audio processing

    @D@n Thanks for reply sir...... The data output from mic is the serial data so FIR compiler accepts serial or parallel data and the output of FIR is serial/parallel ???
  9. Audio processing

    @D@n Thanks sir and I want this IP to be used in my behavioral code so how can I do that?
  10. Audio processing

    Hello @D@n I am actually working with FIR Compiler core provided by Xilinx...... So can I use it as FIR Bandpass filter ? Following link provides the information about the IP : Thank you Sir......
  11. Audio processing

    Thanks @Piasa ....... @Dan One another query, currently I am using on board mic for nexys board to get my audio output through jack!! Can I use the pen-drive slot to store some data stuff and than hear it through jack??? Any advantages of using on board mic that outweighs hearing the stored data? And if it is so, where the data from some pen-drive or anything gets stored ? Thank you.
  12. Audio processing

    Thanks Dan ....... @D@n I came across this code but couldn't figure out why the arrays are defined as a function of input width ?
  13. Audio processing

    Thanks Dan ....... @D@n Now I am using a FIR bandpass filter with input vector of 16 bit and output vector of 16 bit but my number of taps exceed 400 !!!!! Could you help me out ... Regards, Muku
  14. Audio processing

    Yes band pass... The reason is I want to use three or four band pass filters , each of them will pass some respective frequency band (input being an audio range)... The idea is to provide the facility of boasting or attenuating a particular band so I thought band pass would be the best option for that.......... I just want band pass filter not FIR one...........
  15. Audio processing

    thank you for the reply sir ....... Could you guide how can I make band pass filter that takes audio data and output as audio? I would like to know the vhdl approach for band pass filter because I want to use it in my project. Could be more of help if it is behavioral modelling..............................