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  1. good day to all, I'm trying to load a .bit file from cmd to the Nexys 4 DDR, I created this file with extension .cmd: setmode -bscan setCable -p auto identify assignfile -p 5 -file adc.bit program -p 5 quit As I was reading, to load the file in the fpga the following line must be executed in cmd: impact -batch adc.cmd but I get the message that "impact" is not recognized as an internal or external command. so I do not know if it is my IMPACT problem or I have something wrong in the code. I would greatly appreciate anyone who can help me.
  2. 1. all part of this, I do not know what equation IP CORE applies, I do not know why it decreases the sampling frequency
  3. good day to all, my question is this: I am using the XADC of the Nexys 4 DDR, using the single channel mode, I want to sample at 1000 KSPS but using the IP CORE XADC Wizard it tells me that with these features the current conversion rate decreases to 961540 KSPS, I have searched the documentation of the XADC but I can not find a concrete answer to why this happens. If someone could help me, I would appreciate it.
  4. What I want is to send a matrix to the FPGA and the FPGA to read it. How can I store or receive this data in the FPGA, since these come in an 8-bit package ?. I wish to have a fread in vhdl as would be done in MATLAB if I make myself understood
  5. Good morning, I am currently using the uart protocol to communicate my Nexys 4 DDR with Matlab, but I have the inconvenience that I need to send signals of more than 8 bits, someone knows how to receive matrices in vhdl by uart (something like the function fread de matlab). Thank you for your attention
  6. Good afternoon everyone, I was wondering if someone implements a filter in an FPGA in VHDL language, but that was designed and generated by the FILTER DESIGN HDL CODER tool (Matlab). To help me with some doubts. Thanks
  7. Good morning everyone, I am currently developing a computer application in Matlab with help of VHDL and the Nexys 4 DDR, my problem is that I need to send a vector of 16 or more bits through an aurt module, the aurt module only sends 8 bits but I need to send more bits. anyone have any idea how to receive more than 8 bits per aurt? , I know that you should make the matrix reception module in vhdl and I was trying with this module that I have, but it does not work, and I have no idea how to do it to receive matrix. thanks. recepciĆ³n.txt
  8. Thanks for answering. If I used the average of the ADC. However, it is urgent to implement a filter, for example the filter that eliminates the frequencies of 60 hz magnetic field in VHDL.
  9. Hello, I am using a NEXYS 4 DDR and I am acquiring some data with the ADC that has this card, I want to implement a filter to eliminate the noise. Someone has an example in VHDL. Thank you.
  10. Agree. I already reviewed the 7-series xadc user guide and I could see that it only allows one channel address at a time, I thought I would use a whisker technique that selects two channels, for example using the 100 MHz of the nexys, since the xadc works up to a maximum of 26 MHz, but it's just an idea, I have not tried it, I asked if anyone knew a way to do it, unless you have not noticed how to do it from the instance. If you can see multiple channels, I would appreciate your help. thanks
  11. Hi all, again, I have a doubt and I hope I can help, I am working with the xadc of the nexys 4 DDR and I already manage to send the data of the xadc by uart to a graphic inetrfaz in matlab, the xadc owns 4 differential channels of entrance , when I want to see the data of one of the 4 channels I change the DADDR address (DADDR_IN [6: 0]), in the instanziacion of the xadc, which implies that it only allows me to see the data of only one channel at a time, my question is: is it possible to see two or more channels at the same time in real time? thanks
  12. It is a good idea, but it prevents me from seeing the data in real time, since the programming in matlab must first save them and then analyze them, and I do not need to see the data in real time.
  13. I am using VHDL and the cable uart jtag of the card, besides the data I am visualizing them in matlab. and I have not thought about the Ethernet cable, since I do not have information on how to send it over Ethernet, only by uart jtag.
  14. thanks for your answer, I need my implementation to see the data in real time, to do the input signal, to select one of the 4 channels, all this in a matlab interface. I was working on the idea of first sending 8 bits and then 4 concadenados with zeros. But I have problems with synchronization ie until I send the 4-bit frame and confirm that I get to my Matlab interface I can not receive a new data from xadc, I have been testing but I get data wrong. I will continue to try.