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  1. I can see the USB see the device and it mounts it to ttyUSB0 and then when I open digilent-agent it gives me Launch waveform live and exit as actions its willing to give me access too, Active device and version are both greyed out. I even installed the older version of the agent and checked (to get the same outcome) and then upgraded over that and it still does the same. I dont see many topics here about issues in linux so I think I might be an outlier on this. I currently run ParrotOS (debian fork) but I also spun up a Debian 8 and 7 install and both have the same outcome. Any guidance ? And I dont normally have access to windows machines, I do have a datacenter copy of win16 server but I didnt wanna go that far as it dosent play well in a VM on non server hardware, but I can go that route if that ends up being the only route.