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  1. Just realised it was probably impolite of me to ask a question on the forums before introducing myself. I'm an upcoming junior in college studying biomedical engineering. I've had many years of programming experience from high school robotics (FRC) and some university clubs I'm involved with. My experiences with FPGAs are only from a one-semester intro course and a summer internship. During those experiences, I've experimented on a Basys board and a Nexsys 4 board. I recently just bought a Pynq for myself and had some heat concerns, which brought me here. I hope to integrate well into thi
  2. omn0mn0m

    Pynq Heating Issues

    @jpeyron, The board was just powered on with me connected to it through my web browser. I have been powering the board using USB, with the jumper connected to USB accordingly. There were no components that were too hot to touch, but the Zynq (with and without heatsink) was getting close to untouchable. I am concerned with the board reaching damaging amounts of heat if I try to run something like vision processing on it. I am looking at this board on behalf of a few student-run clubs at my university due to its price. Our applications for it would be mostly in the realms of cybersecur
  3. omn0mn0m

    Pynq Heating Issues

    Hey all, just got a Pynq Z1 board in the mail. I was reading the documentation on the Jupyter notebook when my arm hovered over the board and I felt some heat. After gently touching the various chips on the board, I noticed that most of the components felt warm or hot. I tried to put a 15mm x 15mm heatsink on the Zynq to see if that would solve any issues. It did not. I do not have a thermometer to measure exact temperatures unfortunately. Has anyone else had this problem, or do I have a defective board? Most other FPGA/ SoC dev boards I have worked with have not gotten this hot unless I