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  1. Thanks Attila, I imagine the switches and wiring will add a bit of capacitance/inductance. I adjust the probes pretty much every time I use them, as they are used on my analog Tek's as well. Do you have any thoughts on a wiring method that will minimize the change? I really don't do anything demanding great accuracy anyway. Dave
  2. My goal is to add switch functionality to the AC-DC coupling option on the BNC adapter board. I have made the switch mounting plate and fitted the two SPDT switches. I have attached a couple pictures to illustrate what I am doing. Next will be the wiring, which should be pretty straight forward. If all goes well I may do the same thing to the AWG side that would allow changing the impedance options in a similar way. I run the production department for a sign company and have a variety of neat tools at my disposal. The CO2 laser made short work of the mounting plates and markings.
  3. Has anyone heard of an attempt to add coupling switches to the BNC board on the Analog Discovery? It would be nice to be able to change the AC-DC coupling without fiddling with those little blue jumper blocks. Thanks, Dave
  4. Thanks Attila, I appreciate the feedback. Do you think what I am trying to do could be accomplished through the SDK and a separate installation? Perhaps even on the BeagleBone. What about LabView? The lack of analog style controls has always been a minor complaint against USB scopes by those used to traditionally equipped machined. I just though this would be a good project for a hobbyist like myself to explore. I have access to a variety of CNC equipment through my work at a sign company that would make the physical and graphical side of this project quite feasible. The electronic a
  5. Are there keyboard shortcuts available in WV 2015? If not, is it possible to write some ourselves? To expand on this a bit, what I would like to do is make an encoder board that would give me direct control of some of the most used functions. This would imitate the controls of a regular scope i.e. A segmented dial for the timebase control, rather than using the mouse. I have seen a fellow named Colin make on for his PicoScope. A common complaint on USB scopes is the lack of hands on control of various often used functions. Thanks, Dave
  6. It would be a good idea to outline your setup in detail which will help an experienced tech who will be along promptly I am sure. In the meantime, have you carefully worked through this thread?
  7. Hi M_VdM, And Merry Christmas to you as well! Thank you for the information, I am unaware of the Orange Pi, but will surely look into it!
  8. Attila, Happy Holidays and thank you for the prompt response, as usual! I will look into some of these alternatives for the Rpi.
  9. I have been keeping an eye on the RPi thread for Waveforms 2015 but as of the end of the year 2017 nothing has changed. As many have said, getting these two to play nice together would be a wonderful thing. I run my AD2, which I love, on my bench win7 pc and a clunky old Gateway xp machine. Since the RPi is out for the foreseeable future, what else is anyone running an AD on using minimal space/cost. Some form of LINUX ok, discrete monitor/keyboard/mouse. is there a list of what CPU's & OS's are adequate to get good perfrmance from the AD2/Waveforms package? Would love it to run on my
  10. Absolutely, to a good extent this is what the AD was designed to do. Either with the fly wire headers or through the BNC adapter board. With its limited ability to source current (5volts) not much chance of hurting it. With a lightweight, short set of BNC cables, feeding the scope or spectrum analyzer from the AWG is quite convienent. Of course you can only look at the signals created. Injecting components like inductors, capacitors etc requires some sort of breakout device like a breadboard. Then you might want to go through probes, but with simple low frequency circuits simply using the fly
  11. Attila, Thanks again for the prompt response. I had read through that section and do see 5.5V mentioned several times, but appreciate the clarification. I will be very careful to check the output of whatever PS I plug in there. Dave
  12. I have looked around a bit for this spec, but so far nothing I can determine as specific. The reference section lists a number of PS related chips with max input ratings between 5.5v & 20v, but nothing I feel safe interperting. I have a number of regulated, fixed voltage small power supplies, but none of exactly 5 volts, but I do have some nice ones in the 6-9 volt range that will put out 1-1/2 - 2 amps. . Is the AD2 tolerant of a bit more than 5 volts for the input of the external powers supply? If so, what would be the maximum safe voltage? Loving my new AD2, don't want to chance frying
  13. Thanks Attila, My AD2 arrived Friday. It installed easily on my new Windows machine here at work ( Win7Pro), no need for any powered usb hubs or other special treatment, plugged it right into the front port. Over the weekend at home I installed it on my old bench desktop, also Win7 Pro, again without and special attention. Just for the heck of it i pulled out an old HP laptop running XP (SP3). That machine is not connected to the internet so I had to download the USB to Serial driver and manually install that. It detected the AD2 just fine. This is my first hands-on with a digital scope and my
  14. Thank you Attila! I will get them on my iPad for reference. I already have the Waveforms software installed, but in case I need to reinstall it, can that be done offline? I will put a fresh copy of the install package on a flash drive. Dave
  15. Hi all, after 2 failed attempts obtaining a working Analog Discovery in the "previously owned" market, I ordered a new AD2 from Mouser and anxiously await it's arrival. I have spent a lot of time in the Documentation area reading all I have time for. Living in Ft. Lauderdale FL, we just went through hurricane Irma. We got through it ok, but I am on my second week without an Internet connection at home, and no end in sight. Is there any way to download the Wiki Reference Manuals for the AD2 & WaveForms for offline use? I have searched for an answer on my own, but so far nothing. Not sure th