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  1. Thank you once again Attila. The time stamp worked perfect ..i will look into the setting in device manager when I'm next in the workshop. Many thanks for your experience Scud
  2. Hi Attila Thank you so much for your reply..i will try the JavaScript you suggested I'm sure it will work ..thats great . The logger you mention in your reply..i did try that one .it was great .however I'm unable to select frequency to at least 3 decimal places... That is why I was using the logger in the scope window ..thats perfect but requires more index acquisitions.. 9999 gives me about 18 minutes at 100ms . 20000 would give me more than 30 minutes at 100ms Many thanks again
  3. hello everyone newbie. i recently bought a discovery2 usb scope, to record mains power data and then write that data to excel . i'm stuck with two problems i have and hopefully some with more experience could help . the first is the logger within the waveforms 2015 program saves files or aquisitions to a maximum of 9999 . and at the rate i'm required to sample means i can only record approx 18 minutes of data , is there a way to lift the number of index files to 20,000 , this is the logger view within the scope window of waveforms 2015 ? the second problem i have is the the logger does write files to exel, but it logs the time to show year,month,day .then hours minutes, and seconds .(GMT +1 hour).(DAYLIGHT TIME) i could really do with the log to read milliseconds as well . is there a way to write the javascript to do this ,, tried for many hours TRIED . FAILED. any help with these would be great many thanks all