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  1. Okay, so I tried a different browser on my PC. I used Google Chrome and I can add the device without any issue. So, is there an issue with Edge that prevents it from being used?
  2. For grins, I decided to try connecting it to my Samsung S8 smart phone. It connected and I was able to add the device with no issues. I figured out from reading some of the posts that the LED's blink the last octet of the IP address. In this case, the IP address was So, the OpenScope appears to be working fine over Wi-Fi, but for whatever reason, I can't add it from my PC. Any ideas why this is?
  3. I finally got around to using my OpenScope for the first time. I've installed the Diligent agent and have gone through updating the firmware and calibrating. I am able to take measurements and everything appears fine. So, I decided to try the Wi-Fi. I configured it for my network and when I power it with a USB wall charger, it appears to connect and gets an IP address on my network. LED #4 (blue) is lit solid. LED #3 (green) is blinking about once a second, and LED #2 (orange) is blinking about once every 5 seconds. When I open a browser and go to that IP address (, the browser is redirected to When I attempt to add it as a network device, I get "No Response Received". This happens whether I use the IP address or the hostname. I'm using a Windows 10 PC and the Edge browser. What am I doing wrong?