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  1. Thank you very much @jpeyron for the detailed drawing. One final question: which Arduino pins are used by the shield?
  2. Thank you very much in advance. By that I mean what are the locations of the headers from the edges of the board (indicated by letters A-F on the image attached)? Because I want to add some BNC plugs to a separate PCB (like a "BNC shield" for the Analog Shield connected to AO and AI headers or #1 and #2 on Fig. 2 of the reference manual) and plug the whole board to the header pins. Essentially my objective is to put the whole stuff in a box and have these BNC plugs nicely aligned to the wall of the box.
  3. Hello, I have some questions about the Analog Shield: - What is the dimension of an analog shield plugged on top of an Arduino Uno? (Total dimension of the assembly, for planning the size of the enclosure) - What is the pitch of the headers on top of the board, where the AO pins are routed? Is it standard 2.54-mm pitch? Is there a guide somewhere what is the location of these headers for plugging some boards in them? (Like for routing some BNC plugs to the wall of the box) - A very stupid question in the end: do I need to separately power the Analog shield when coupled with