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  1. Hi, @jpeyron Thank you for your information. BR ALI
  2. Hi, I am looking to implement the use of Ethernet port of the Zybo board without Zynq PS. I am using Windows OS and Vivado 2017.2. I have already implemented the Iwip echo server project. Is there any suggestions or guideline about the use of Ethernet port on Zybo without Zynq PS? Thank you in advance. BR ALI
  3. Hi @jpeyron, Thank you. BR Ali
  4. Hi @jpeyron, Thank you for your valuable comments. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am using Windows PC. Is it possible to run an embedded Linux image on it? Could you please give me some links, tutorial or step by step instructions where they deal with Windows PC. I appreciate your help. BR Ali
  5. Hi, I am using windows OS and want to know the use of USB port on Zybo board. I have no idea how it works. Can I able to implement using verilog or I must need Zynq processor? I appreciate if anyone have sample project which will describe the use of USB port using zybo board on windows OS. BR ALI
  6. @M24 Yes, I did simple program on Zybo board successfully. It's work. @jpeyron Thank you for your comments and the source code. It's really help me a lot. I successfully able to run the sample demo project. Regards, Ali
  7. Thank you @jpeyron for your reply. By the way, Did you use Linux environment or Windows OS? I am using windows OS. I hope it is not a great deal. It's sound great that it works with a different version. At least I have some hope to run this project as well. As you mentioned, I also imported the HDMI_IN and HDMI_IN_bsp after launching SDK. In the next step (Program FPGA) it shows error messages.
  8. Hi, I am new at this area. My current project required to know the use of HDMI and VGA port of Zybo board. As a starting point I got a sample demo project( by digilent but that was done in Vivado 2016.4. I am working on Vivado 2017.2 windows PC. I successfully convert that project in current version and able to generate Bit stream successfully. The problem is when I lunch SDK, it gives me errors. Can anyone help me? Or can anyone gives me some simple project which from where I can get idea about how to use HDMI and VGA po