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  1. Reference design for mouse overlay

    this is what I was looking for.
  2. Reference design for mouse overlay

    hello, I am interested in the following reference design: The design currently does not provide any sources: Is this project abandoned? I believe it had not been updated since 2015. Is there a later version available (this one, perhaps, or on github?) I am interested in the USB host with mouse, which I intend to implement on the Zybo/Zybo-Z7. Do you provide the sources for this project? Is there a project you can recommend, There is also the BIST for the Zybo-Z7, maybe it contains relevant references? thank you
  3. Input not supported hdmi - Zybo z7-10

    I was concerned about compatibility issues. Since you are not using the correct board unexpected things can happen. Zybo and Zybo Z7-10 are very close to each other but there are differences. If you receive HDMI input signal on your monitor you are good. All monitor manufacturers, as well as the zybo, is following a standard for video signals. They have to to allow compatibility among all devices on the market. Sometimes though you can face problems because one of the device is not 100% compliant. Digilent provides example projects in bare metal, use their HDMI output project to confirm operation. If your problem persists it is a LOT easier to deal with without linux you are providing a signal on HDMI. If you can, check the settings on the HDMI monitor and verify indicated resolution and framerate, preferable for both HDMI and VGA on the same device check your monitor's user manual, it provides information about which video formats are supported check your converter, is it an active or passive converter, is it HDMI->VGA or VGA->HDMI (it DOES matter!)
  4. Input not supported hdmi - Zybo z7-10-vga to hdmi converter

    actually, it's an HDMI to VGA converter...
  5. Input not supported hdmi - Zybo z7-10

    these instructions are for another board, the Zybo. It won't work on the Zybo-Z7 as they are not 100% compatible. On Step 4, Go to this link and select the last link. (it should be 533.4M size) the link is dead so which sources did you use? You'll need to make changes for the device tree, pin assignment. See here for more information.
  6. SDSoC - couple of questions

    hello, I have a couple of questions about your SDSoC platforms: what is the difference between the platforms reVISION-Zybo-Z7-20 and SDSoC-Zybo-Z7-20? is there an example application for video stream (for example, HDMI-IN -> HDMI-OUT)? what is the use case for the XADC interface in the reVISION platform? what is the best way to start with reVISION? For example, can I follow the reVISION Getting Started Guide on zybo? thank you
  7. about image sensor calibration

    @JColvin, it was due to my lightening source. I replaced it and tested again now and AWB is correct. thank you
  8. about image sensor calibration

    hello, I just run the PCAM demo project and noticed the white balance is off. I can see the AWBs working but the image has a green cast. Has someone experienced similar results or can this be improved changing my lightening environment? What would be the best approach to improve AWB? Does the sensor provide a calibration mechanism? I think I could load different colour matix'es to the sensor for different lighting scenarios. Is this a good solution? Alternatively I can implement my own algorithm and configure it with manual white balance. What other factors could be involved in this behaviour, other than colour temperature? Judging from the colour (green) maybe gain/awb are not accounting for the bayer filter entirely? thank you
  9. Linux Device Tree

    hello deppenkaiser, not sure what you are asking for... dtsi files are ALWAYS INCLUDED by a dts file. you can modify either one. You don't need to use dtsi files if you don't like to but you CAN decide to make your dts file generic and make your changes in dtsi's only. So, no they are not always generic unless you decide to do so. check your dts to see what files it depends on but generally dts and dtsi is all you need. You should also make use of generic drivers so you don't have a gazillion drivers for a gazillion devices. in this case you refer to all properties of such driver and only need to add the differences like device addresses.
  10. Part number for Fan?

    hello, I had no luck searching in your store... can you please give me the part number for the fan advertized for the Zybo-Z7? thank you
  11. Vivado Design Suite High Level Synthesis

    use this one.
  12. How to move to older version of Vivaldo

    before you uninstall anything... you can upgrade the demo projects to run with your software version! which Arty do you have? Z7 or S7?
  13. Nexys 4 ddr board is turning off

    how are you powering the board, what are your jumper settings? how do you define turning off a board?
  14. Nexys 4 ddr board is turning off

    disconnect periferals on the board to delimit possible sources of problem
  15. Nexys 4 ddr board is turning off

    where are you sending data from?