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  1. @[email protected] please tell me about QSPI and How it is different from standard SPI (in respect of Timing Diagram). Thank you
  2. hello, I want to interface zedboard(PL-Section) with external ad7768-4 ADC board using SPI interface via FMC_LPC connector. i have following questions: 1) how i can set SPI interface in zedboard (i mean, where i can assign "sclk, cs#, sdi, sdo" pins from ad7768-4 adc board to zedboard(PL-section) ) ? 2) can I access QSPI Flash by using PL-section of zynq 7000 ? 3) what is the meaning of QSPI Feedback, where it should be connected? 4) can i use QSPI in standard mode ? please help me ! Thank you
  3. Hi @jpeyron The information that you have provided, helped me a lot. I really appreciate your efforts. Thanks a lot sir
  4. hi @jpeyron A big Thanks for your reply. could you tell me, how pin name assigned on fmc connector(please refer attached Image).And what is the benefit of use of fmc ? if possible, please provide me any block diagram of interfacing circuitry present between FPGA and FMC. Thank you
  5. hello, i'm new born baby in embedded system. I want to establish a communication between ADC Board to Zedboard(PL-section-xc7z020) via LPC-FMC connector. please tell me lpc fmc pin out and how those pins connected to PL(FPGA) Section of zynq (like any diagram). please help me, Thank you.