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  1. I'm sorry for asking, but how would this look in verilog? I've never done anything involving ADC coding with FPGA's and am not very good at vhdl. Thanks for any help!
  2. Hello all! New to the forum, but not to Nexys FPGA's. I have a project I'm working on and the only thing I am unclear about is how I am going to get my input signal to the board. I need the controller to recognise a varying rectified square wave (essentially just pulses that can change in frequency). I'm thinking of using the onboard ADC as a 1-bit converter giving me a 0 when there is no voltage and a 1 when the pulse arrives. Is this possible? I am not familliar with using ADC's. Does the voltage the ADC use for referance have to come from the board itself or can I use external voltage from the signal generator I have? Any input is greatly appreciated!