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  1. Hi @jpeyron, Thank you very much for your help ! I really appreciate it. Looking forward to seeing your work, I'm sure you'll succeed Thanks again ! Eddy
  2. Hi @jpeyron, I read the two forums that sent me to read, I tried for two weeks to try and combine the program of the server and the program of the ADC but without success. I'm stuck on this, the two programs work separately but I can not combine them into one program that makes an analog call from the ADC port and sends that information over the Internet to a destination on the other end. I've been trying for a long time and have read every kind of information and forum possible. I'd love to be able to look or try to see how these two programs can be combined. I thank you very much and would be very happy to help you. Thank you so much I appreciate it very much. zybo_xadc_test.c echo.txt main.c
  3. Hello everyone, I read all the text above, and I understood everything but I use the ZYBO Bord and not ZEDBOARD, what should I change for it to work for me as well? I'm new in the field so I'd be happy to help. Thank you very much everyone! @jpeyron @gutielo @Sam Bergami
  4. Hi, I am new at this area. My current project required to know the use of Ethernet and XADC of Zybo board. As a starting point I got a sample demo of "Zybo XADC Demo" (https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/zybo-xadc-demo/start). it works. After that i did the "ZYB Zynq-7000 Ethernet" project ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SNxM2a1GC8&feature=em-comments) it also works. Now i want to combined this two projects. As starting point i want to receive data from the ZYBO and not to transmit data to the ZYBO as i did at the Ethernet project below. how can i do it? at the echo.c code there are this lines: What needs to change for it to receive data from the ZYBO? I am working on Vivado 2017.1 , SDK 2017.1 , windows PC. Im adding the C files. echo.c main.c
  5. Hi ! @Kepler Lima I read all the correspondence on the "Zybo webserver" forum page you wanted to use ZYBO with some external sensors and send this data via Ethernet. In the end, I saw that you succeeded in getting the system to work. The idea sounds very interesting and I would also like to try it but I am having some problems. I would be happy if you could contact me for a few questions. Thank you!
  6. eddya89

    Zybo XADC Demo

    Thank you for the help @artvvb ! You were right and it was indeed the solution. I wish you the best
  7. eddya89

    Zybo XADC Demo

    Hello, I'm trying to run the file "XADC demo for ZYBO" with the tutorial "Using Digilent Github Demo Projects". First i downloaded the ZIP file "Zybo-XADC-2016.4-1" from "Github". I didn't select the “SDK Hardware Handoff” option because the project dose not supports Vivado SDK so i select the “Vivado” option. I did all the steps and when i get to step 3 "Generate Bitstream" ,I click Generate Bitstream on the left hand menu towards the bottom and click OK the "synthesis and implementation" are failed because 3 errors. i'm adding a print screen of the errors. Has anyone encountered this problem? Is there a problem with the file itself? Is there a problem with the C code? Thank you for any help!