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  1. Thanks for the sources. I ended up just copying the EDID data file contents and altering the EEPROM address space from 7 to 8 in the 1.7 version of the core. 1.6 really wasn't willing to cooperate with the 2016.4 version of Vivado. I'm fairly certain it should work properly since both the EEPROM and IIC driver vhdl sources are identical in these versions of the core. The cameras don't react to it though. Will verify if all the 256 bytes are being transmitted on the DDC and if that's correct I'll try to load some other EDIDs. Thanks for the help guys. Will update in case I do any prog
  2. That could be it since the tool I used for reading the monitors' EDIDs gave me only 128 bytes. I haven't explored that path yet since the default EDID data files provided along with the core are 128 bytes long - that's why I decided to ask if anyone used them successfully with a Hero5. I'm not even sure it the i2c interface (and eeprom memory) implemented in the core provides the option to load a 256 byte long EDID. Will have a look, thanks for the input!
  3. Thank you kindly for the reply. I have not contacted GoPro itself, it does not seem to have an optimistic backlog of answering questions covering the hdmi output support; will give it a go. Might try Panasonic, I doubt they'll be willing to give out any information though. Anyway, what I tried was pulling the EDID values from both monitors connected to my PC, which the Hero5 seems to accept, since it boots immediately in 1080p when connected directly to them. Edited the read-outs to an IP-accepted format and implemented - none seems to work though. The cameras read it, end up
  4. Hi, I'm using the dvi2rgb/rgb2dvi cores (latest repository version) to make a simple passthrough in the FPGA and have huge issues with the EDID memory. Has it been confirmed at some point that the default 720p edid settings work properly with a GoPro Hero5 camera? I tried loading the default EDID, a properly cooperating monitor's EDID, prepared numerous EDIDs myself - every single one seems to fail so the camera is setting itself to the lowest supported resolution. Had a go with a Panasonic DMC-G3 camera too but it behaves the same way. Both sources work properly when conne