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  1. Thanks, it is solved! Variable was optimized, and CPU hated.
  2. Hello! I'm newbie in xilinx, and I have one more problem with microblaze with ddr3. I want to have access to DDR3 memory in my MB processor, without processor caches. I implement some design, write very simple code: #include "xparameters.h" int main() { int a = 0; for(;;) { a++; } return 0; } and I can't start debug ... When I start debug, it don't stay at main (but, thread is still running). When I pause it, I see in disassembler what processor stays at _hw_exception_handler In attach you can see system, linker mapping, and problem.. Please help me.
  3. Thanks! I think, it is what I need.
  4. Hello! Where can I find the sourse of demo project for Nexys Video Board? I don't see the archive link on the official website. There is a problem with an OLED display. The official datasheet doesn't have a table of command system. That's why I'd like to have a look at you demo-project. UG-2832HSWEG04-Univision Technology.pdf