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  1. hi @artvvb I simulated the code and works fine. Using a static value of the Freq, does not give that error, but reading from ADC make all the signal go down to zero momentarily. Yes, you are right the division would take a considerable amount of machine cycles. But, I want to continuously monitor the ADC channels to acquire these values. I 'll try to modify the code as you have suggested and see if it removes the problem. Also, is there a test bench to simulate the xADC or tutorial I can look into. Thanks Sam
  2. hi @artvvb Based on the code, I am trying to use the adc channels to get information like duty ratio, frequency etc to generate PWM signal. For a brief moment, the PWM signal just vanishes. This has something to do with the how the adc values are getting read. Can you please suggest me, Is there some timing constraint? Is there something I am missing. Please find the code attached. Thanks Sameer PWM_Gen.v
  3. Hi @artvvb The code worked this time. Just that the switch configuration for the channel A0 is not correct. Please, can you check? Thanks a lot. -Sameer
  4. @Arthur I uninstalled Vivado 2017.2 and installed Vivado 2016.4. Still, the code does not work. I don't see the ADC working. Although this time I had no problems generating the bit file. Regards Sam
  5. Hi @jpeyron , I used this demo, this demo does not work for Vivado 2017.2. I uninstalled Vivado 2017.2 and installed Vivado 2016.4, still, the code does not work. Regards Sameer
  6. First, when I use the tcl script the xADC IP is locked so I update the IP. Once that is done then I generate the bitfile. When I load the program to the board, the code does not work. Regards Sam
  7. Hi Arthur, He is the link I used for the ARTY board Thanks
  8. Hi I am using the Arty board by diligent. Can anyone please guide me to a tutorial to XADC Hardware build Thanks -Sam
  9. Hi, I am using Vivado 2017.2. I cannot see the base system design when using the tcl script GPIO/xadc examples from the diligent website (follwing instruction as given here It only gives me the option to create a new block design. Also, the among the GPIO/xadc examples only GPIO example works. Please, can you assist. Regards Sam