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  1. Ovidiu

    Arty Z7 - use FPGA only

    Multumesc Bogdan, Thank you, now it's cristal clear. No more worries, I am happy now!
  2. Ovidiu

    Arty Z7 - use FPGA only

    Hi Jon So, I shall ignore the PS. Yes, that is the file. I spent a week trying to understand if I need it. Please tell me if you find out.
  3. Ovidiu

    Arty Z7 - use FPGA only

    Hi Jon, I have to do simple projects like adders, registers, multipliers etc. "PS7_stub.vhd" (find on Google search) could do the job I asked?
  4. Hello experts! I have an Arty Z7-20. For school projects I have to learn VHDL for FPGA programming, only for FPGA applications. What should I do to disable (inhibit) PS and to safely use PL only?
  5. Excelent explanation for LEDs. But.... how can I safely use a simple temporary push button to trigger an event in FPGA, with no risk of over-current in IO ports? for example, The Arduino Tutorial sais: "Atmega pins can source (provide positive current) or sink (provide negative current) up to 40 mA (milliamps) of current to other devices/circuits. .... Short circuits on Arduino pins, or attempting to run high current devices from them, can damage or destroy the output transistors in the pin, or damage the entire Atmega chip. .... For this reason it is a good idea to connect OUTPUT pi
  6. any recommendation regarding the value of the resistor? (just to be safe)
  7. I have simple temporary push buttons, like those in the attached picture.
  8. Using some external temporary push-buttons that are mounted on a breadboard, I want to safely turn ON (blink) the LEDs that are mounted on Arty Z7 board. As I know the LEDs have onboard resistors to protect them. In order to protect the IO ports (GPIO) of FPGA, is it necessary to connect resistors to push-buttons? In other words: a direct connection between GPIOs is allowed?
  9. Hi, if I wish to connect external push-buttons to IO ports (on Arty Z7-20) is it necessary to use also resistors or it will be nu problem to connect VCC to GND (1 to 0)?
  10. Thank you jpeyron/ Jon. The xdc is better than that (incomplete) schematic for this topic. Still, for a newbie, compleating the schematic or the manual with the FPGA related pins (like D19, D20) would be even better. Why to search in 2 places for one answer? Children learn easier from images :))
  11. Where can I see the relations between the Arty Z7 board pins (I/O) and the FPGA pins? In "Arty Z7 Reference Manual" it is not enough information: only buttons, slide switches, LEDs and HDMI pins relations appear. (eg. BTN0 is D19) What about the rest of the pins (I/O)?
  12. Hello, How can I see the software that is installed on Arty Z7 as factory default? I like what I see when I power up the device and I want to see what is behind.