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  1. I'm having the same issue using Vivado 2017.2. After running create_project.tcl, if I go to Tools -> Settings I can see that the generated project device is the Arty Z7-20, but when I attempt to run "update-ip-catalog -rebuild" it fails with the following error: WARNING: [IP_Flow 19-2406] Cannot identify part xc7k325tffg900-2 ERROR: [IP_Flow 19-2232] Current project options are not valid, cannot get 'PROJECT_PARAM.PART' Any help would be great! Quick Update: I commented the line 'update_ip_catalog -rebuild' in create_project.tcl, and then I was able to see the block design for the project. Running "upgrade_ip [get_ips *]" fixed a lot of the problems, but there are still issues with the following IP: rgb2dvi, dvi2rgb, axi_dynclk.